My style of this chili is 100% pit-smoked with a Hickory tree and lump, to a measure of dryness, hand packed in "Ball" jars, covered with a very complementary roux and jar-canned. Thus making a QUALITY product, I'm proud to put my name on. We are truly a small "mom & pop" we made a name for ourselves over the years with this interesting version of the Jalapeno

a chili with more flavor not more fire

Savor the flavor of Real Pit, 100% "Natural Smoked" Jalapeno chili's, right out of the jar or add with any dish that warrants a smoky, spicy taste, a snappy culinary ingredient, from sauces to main dishes

We do a select group of festivals with a Smoked Jalapeno menu. This item being one that's QUITE Popular! 

chili's.....and your business is much appreciated

half-pints, $3.30 per (case of 12) is $36.00
pints, $6.00 per
quarts, $12.00 per


multi-jar' domestic shipping done via USPS flat-rate Pirority @ $10.50 box, best deal for the weight

....if your international or  just looking for a single jar or  two, contact for actual shipping cost

what goes in said box.....
up-to 12 half-pints
up-to 7 pints
up-to 3 quart

my smoking is pretty-much custon, so your assured freshness!

Box 91
Millersburg , Pa. 17061-0091